The W30 Music Workstation was released in the late 80's.
It is a 12/6 bits sampler with full sample editing, onboard MIDI sequencing and wave table synthesis.
It can read several samplerdisks types, like S50, S550, S330 and of course W30 disks.

Its expandable with the KW30 SCSI kit which works great.
The W30 is very handy because it has 8 outputs and lots of software for PC, MAC, Amiga, Atari.

One thing that isn't quite handy is that the W30 doesn't have realtime filters, so if you want to use them you must have a midi mixer or use a sequencer on a computer. The W30 also doesn't have Sysex.

Price secondhand: something between $ 400 USD and $ 600 USD

Technical Specifications

* Maximum simultaneously producible voices:

* Sound & Source
DI Process
Sampling rate: 30kHz/15kHz
Data format: 12 bits Linear
D/A Converter: 16 bits
Sampling Time: 7.2 sec. x2(A,B) @ 30kHz sampling rate; 14.4 sec. x2(A,B) @ 15kHz sampling rate
INPUT: -50dBm /47kOhm (GAIN: max); +10dBm /47kOhm (GAIN: Min)
OUTPUT: 0 dBm /6.7kOhm (1 Voice: Max)

* Sound & Memory Internal
Wave Memory: 384k byte x 2bank
RAM Wave Data (rewritable): 512K word
ROM Wave Data (not rewritable): 512K word
RAM Wave-using Tones: 32/Tone Parameters
ROM Wave-using Tones: 64/Tone Parameters
Patches: 16/Patch Parameters
FUNC Parameters
MIDI Parameters

* System Disk
ROM Wave-using Tones: 128/Tone Parameters
ROM Wave-using Patches: 32/Patch Parameters

* Sound & Song Disk
Wave Data: 512K word
RAM Wave-using Wave Data: 512K word
ROM Wave-using Tones: 32/Tone Parameters
Patches: 16/Patch Parameters
FUNC Parameters
MIDI Parameters

* Song & Memory Internal
Number of Songs: 20 max.
Number of Steps: Max. of approx. 15,000 steps (20 song total)

* Song Disk
Number of Songs: 64 max.
Number of Steps: Max. of approx. 100,000 steps (64 song total)

* Sound & Song Disk
Number of Songs: 64 max.
Number of Steps: Max. of approx. 7,000 steps (64 song total)
Editing Functions: Track, measure and event basis
Resolution: 96 clock pulses/quarter note
External Synchronization: MIDI Sync Clock, Song Select, Start, Stop, Continue and Song Position Pointer compatible
Song Data Length: Max. of 9,998 measures

* Tracks
Phrase Tracks (16 MIDI Channels/Tracks): 16
Tempo Track: 1

* Maximum simultaneously inputable sounds
128 (Total for all tracks)

* Maximum simultaneously outputable sounds
128 (Total for all tracks)

* Keyboard
61 Keys (aftertouch equipped)

* Panel
Bender Modulation Lever
Volume Knob
Performance Button
Sequencer Button
Sound Button
Start/Stop Button
REC Button
Tempo Button
Skip Button
Forward/Reverse Button
LCD Display (240x62 dots)
User Button
Function Buttons (F1 - F5)
EXIT Button
Numerical Keyboard
Cursor Dial
Value Dial

* Rear Panel
Power Switch
Headphone Socket
Multi Output Sockets x8
Input Socket
Gain Knob
MIDI Sockets (THRU, OUT, IN)
Pedal Control Socket (DP-2, EV-5)
SCSI Connector (Compatible with the SCSI Standard)
Contrast knob

* Disk Drive
3.5 Inch Micro Floppy Disk Drive
Storage Type: Double Sided, Double Density, Double Track

* Dimensions
1,014 (W) x 301 (D) x 106 (H) mm
39-15/16" x 11-7/8" x 4-3/16"

* Weight

* Power Consumption

* Accessories
Owner's Manual for FD
Mode Chart for FD
Sound Chart
MIDI Guide Book
System Disk for FD
Data Disk x3
Connecting Cable PJ-1 x1

* Options

KW-30 (W-30 Upgradekit)
MF2-DD 3.5 Inch Micro Floppy Disks