Chapter one, First steps-Playing the W-30
Preparation and play of the keyboard and sequencer


As a start, you will most likely want to listen to the W-30. You first need to connect an amplifier such as a keyboard amplifier, or headphones.

Before making any connections, make sure that all units are switched off.

Amplifier Setup

Picture I don't have :)

Setup Using Radio Cassette Recorder, etc

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Headphone Connection


Mixer Setup


2.Disks supplied

The W-30 is supplied with four disks; a system disk and three data disks containing sounds and song demo samples.

Picture of the disks

3.Power-up And Booting up

To activate the W30, its necessary to boot it up with the supplied system disk which contains the programs necessary for operating it.

(1)before switching on the W-30, check the following:
-Have all the necessary connections been properly made?
-Is the disk drive empty?
-Is the volume of the amplifier turned down?

(2)Set the power switch on the rear of the unit to ON.


(3)Insert the system disk into the Disk Drive. It should click into place.


After the system programs needed to operate the W-30 have completed loading, the display responds as shown below;


(4)Switch on the amplifier

The internal sounds of the W-30 can now be played from the keyboard.

*When you switch off the units, first switch the amplifier off, then the W-30

4.Backing up the system disk

Now that you've heard some of the sounds available with your keyboard, before going any further, let us remind you to be sure to make a backup of your system program.

Any floppy disk will tend to wear out eventually through continued use.
Since the system program is highly important, you should put it away for safekeeping, and use copies instead.

*Please use Roland MF2-DD disks (double-sided, double density, double-track 3.5" micro-floppy disks).